JO’S…a very inviting local joint!

JO'SPosted 16th December 2012 by

So…Saturday night my wife, our friend and myself were trying to figure out a good place to go in the city.  Then it dawned on me…1 of my high school classmates that I keep in touch with on Facebook had mentioned his brother owns a place down in the LES.  The place is named JO’S (264 Elizabeth st.) and its on Elizabeth street between Prince & Houston.  So off we went to go check out the joint!

Jo’s is a cute 3 room joint that specializes in Southeast Asian fusion.  The front room has a bar and a handful of tables.  The next 2 rooms are the main dining rooms.  Anyways we sat down ordered some drinks and eats and just “hung out” for a while.  I have to say…the pace has an awesome vibe!  It’s really a great neighborhood joint and I’m glad to have met 1 of the owners (my classmate’s brother) Jim.  Jim is an awesome guy; very personable which definitely helps make the overall dining experience fantastic.

So as I said we ordered a bunch of drinks & eats.  Great wine list!  Great beer list!  Great cocktail list!  For food we ordered some pork belly, vegetable dumplings, a pollock dish, a couple of chicken dishes and some brussel sprouts.  Everything was really quite tasty and I would definitely order those dishes again, but the one thing that really impressed me was the fried chicken and waffles ice cream sandwich!  Hard to imagine that one can mix ice cream and deep fried chicken skin together and come up with something that was actually quite addictive. The savoriness of the chicken skin really seemed to work with the sweetness of the ice cream and the maple syrup waffle.  It was also a nice touch that the chicken skin was still really crispy.  Really quite an interesting dish that I would have to say warrants everyone trying it at least once!

You should definitely check out JO’S if you’re looking for a reasonably priced place in the LES that has good eats and a neighborhood vibe!

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