KABAB KING…Thanx VJ for the recommendation…YUM!

KABABKINGPosted 10th January 2013 by Chris Chu

Well…2012 has come and gone; Welcome 2013! I decided that what better way to start the year than with some Indian food I haven’t had in a very long time, KABABS!!!! Now I’m not talking about those shish kebabs of dried out chicken or beef that you see sold on street corners throughout Manhattan; no no no…these are kababs made up of beautifully seasoned ground meats and cooked in small batches so they don”t end up sitting around all day drying out. My co-worker suggests that I go to the place that he swears by for solid quality Indian food, KABAB KING!

Kabab King is definitely a local joint. Upon entering you notice the ridiculously long steam table full of various different food items that makes one realize there’s a lot more to Indian food than tandoori chicken! The seating area is rather plain looking to the point that maybe I don’t ever want to sit down for a meal, but nonetheless it was fairly crowded. I’m told the joint has an upstairs section that they use for more formal dining or private function, but I didn’t bother taking a peak.

Anyways I was here for 1 thing only, Kababs! I ordered a chicken, beef and lamb kebab to go. It took about 20 minutes but finally my patience was rewarded with 3 different and wonderful smelling “cylinders” of meat. Oddly enough the kababs were more in the shape of a knockwurst, but they all were truly grilled to perfection. They all had that wonderful char that you get from grilling over a fire and that combined with the wonderful spicy fragrant seasonings that makes Indian food as delish as it is, truly made for an enjoyable meal. I was rather shocked that I even enjoyed the lamb kabab (those who know me know I’m not a fan of lamb).

I definitely am looking forward to my next journey to Kabab King to actually partake in some of the goodness that was occupying space in that long steam table of theirs!

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