BLUE MOON FISH CO…What a great brunch in Florida..

Posted 23rd September 2012 by
BLUEMOONFISHCOIf you’re ever in Ft. Lauderdale and in the mood for a nice waterfront dining experience, you have to check this joint out!!!  BLUE MOON FISH CO. is actually located in Lauderdale By The Sea and is set right on the Intracoastal waterway which definitely affords the customer a spectacular dining experience.

The restaurant is a little pricey, but one of the best “bang for your bucks” going is their extravagant Sunday Brunch which includes unlimited champagne, mimosas or bloody marys.  The food choices are absolutely amazing!!!  Diners can choose from a host of 6 different “cuisine” stations as well as a selection of entrees and desserts!  Here’s the link to their Brunch menu so you can get an idea for yourself of the “awesomeness” of the selections!  Blue Moon Fish Co. Brunch Menu

Now obviously one can find a waterfront brunch anywhere (it is Ft. Lauderdale after all!) but the beauty of Blue Moon is, the area that the restaurant is located is relatively quiet and serene which adds to the overall enjoyment of the moment.  The outdoor patio of the restaurant itself is fairly large, but it’s setup nicely so that all patrons can enjoy the scenic view of the waterway.Now of course view alone cannot justify the cost of brunch, so luckily the food is amazing!  I remember enjoying a Fish Chowder that seemed to just be filled with lovely pieces of fish, a pasta carbonara that had tons of wonderful pancetta in it, some nice slices of medium rare prime rib, a caprese salad that consisted of bocconcini, fresh tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, perfectly seared diver scallops, an omelet with some awesome smoked bacon but……the real standout has to be all the amazing fresh seafood choices!  I had some nice sized steamed shrimp, some super fresh clams & oysters on the half shell and some King Crab!  All of this food and I wasn’t even touching the surface of what was offered.

Did I mention all the champagne that I had which helped wash everything down!  Bottom line is this place really is worth the money spent!  Go enjoy yourself and take your time brunching, that way you get to really savor the whole experience!

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