GRAY’S PAPAYA…food of the gods?

GRAYSPAPAYAPosted 20th January 2013 by Chris Chu

HOT DOGS…Deeeelish!!!  One of my favorite foods!  So where does one go when they have a hankering for one of New York City’s quintessential eats?  Sure you can go to one of the ubiquitous hot dog carts that everyone seems to know NY for, but unless you’re in the mood for a dirty water-logged bland tasting hot dog, it’s best to avoid these guys.  Now there are plenty of places that sell a pretty decent hot dog and here are the names of some in case you want to compare yourself:  Papaya King, Papaya Dog, Crif Dogs, Nathan’s Famous, Katz’s Deli, Shake Shack and Asia Dog just to name a few.  Of all the places I’ve visited my favorite dog has to be that of GRAY’S PAPAYA.

Gray’s Papaya currently has 2 locations; the original is located at 72nd street and Broadway, and another location at 8th street and 6th avenue (they used to have a location at 37th street & 8th avenue, but it no longer exists).  I gotta say both put out an excellent dog but I do like the 72nd street location more because of nostalgia reasons; I’ve been going there for over 20 years!

If you’re looking for cool, hip, trendy atmosphere, this is not the place!  For me it’s truly all about the eats!  Nice toasty bun, griddle cooked dog (which results in a “snappiness” when u bite) and the wonderful “cooked onions” (onion, tomato sauce and vinegar) all combine to create pure fast food bliss!  Wash it all down with a tropical fruit drink; papaya per chance?  They do have other drink flavors though if papaya is not you cup of tea.

They used to have a recession special which was $2 for 2 dogs & a drink.  Obviously that was a long time ago and the last time I checked the price was $5 for 2 dogs & a drink.  Either way it’s still a reasonable price for an iconic NY meal!

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