MIGHTY QUINNS…Finally another great BBQ joint in NYC!

Posted 27th January 2013 by
MIGHTYQUINNSSo I was having a hankering for some awesome BBQ last week and I decided to give this new joint in the village a try, MIGHTY QUINN’S. The first time I discovered these guys, was at Smorgasburg (like a “foodie” flea market) in Brooklyn maybe last year or the year before.  Anyways, I remember the wait line to buy their delicious eats was about 45 minutes (and it never died down), and unfortunately I don’t have the patience to do lines!  I walked up to the smoker just to grab a peek and boy did those meats look and smell wonderful!  Well lucky for all us BBQ lovers, the owner opened up a storefront in the East Village and now we can partake in wonderful hardwood smoked goodness.The place is set up cafeteria style so it actually moves very well.  The beauty of cafeteria style is you get to actually see the wonderful eats before you order.  Also what I truly appreciate is MQ’s has about 6 proteins on the menu; that’s it! No need to have more variety; do a few things and do it awesome!  So my wife and I order brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausages and smoked half a chicken.  We also order for sides sweet potato casserole with maple & pecans, edamame & sweet pea salad and burnt ends baked beans.  So let’s get the good out of the way so we can talk about the awesome!The smoked sausage was nice; had a little spiciness to it but was quite tasty.  The half chicken looked great; beautiful golden brown from the smoker and the skin WASN’T rubbery.  Meat was very juicy and had a nice smokiness to it.  The pulled pork did not seem to be “pre pulled” but rather they did it as you ordered it.  Interestingly enough it had great flavor from the rub on the outside and the smoke from the cooking, but it did not have any sauce on it.  There was BBQ sauce available on every table so you were able to control how much sauce u wanted (Interesting side note…the sauce that they have on the tables is kinda part North Carolina, part Texas; tomato based but with that hint of vinegar and not a crazy thick sauce like Kansas City).  The edamame salad was good if u like edamame.  Now all these items I spoke about were good, but for me there were 3 things I thought were just awesome!

I love brisket; I could eat it for days and I have to say that MQ’s is one of the best briskets I’ve had.  So many places overcook the brisket to the point that even ordered it moist, it still tastes like shoe leather.  MQ’s moist brisket (I call it fatty) was amazing!!!  The beautiful dry rub on the outside, combined with the wonderful smokiness from the wood and the fat dripping off the meat, is pretty much nirvana for me.  Right now MQ’s is my 2nd favorite brisket in NYC!  The burnt end baked beans were amazing; the baked beans themselves were decent but combine it with burnt ends and slow cook everything?  OMG a meal in itself!  The sweet potatoes were really fantastic as well!  Adding pecans is nice, but maple takes it up a notch especially when the maple cooks a while and then caramelizes! You end up with those crispy bits of sweet maple; deelish!

Well…glad to see NYC has FINALLY gotten another solid BBQ joint!  Is this place my fave? Almost…I’ll have to eat a few more times there and then I’ll be able to tell.  With regards to what my favorite joint is…Lets leave that for another day.   🙂

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