ATCHAFALAYA…good local eats in an up and coming nabe!

November 01, 2015 by Chris Chu

So on a recent trip to New Orleans and in my never ending quest for good eats, we end up at a little local joint named ATCHAFALAYAatchafalayaAtchafalaya is located in the Irish channel district of N.O. which best can be described as what Williamsburg & Greenpoint, Brooklyn were like during the early hipster push into the areas. The restaurant has that cool vibe and the hordes of people that it seems to draw there are quite a varied group but obviously they all have one thing in common, good eats at a reasonable price.

My wife and I went for brunch and the menu was quite creative with items such as Cochon du Lait Po Boy, Duck Hash, Truffled Eggs & Spinach, Chicken & Biscuits, etc. etc. We ordered BBQ Braised Pork Belly (served over sweet corn-scallion johnnie cake a with braised kale, cane syrup glaze and a peach-bourbon bbq sauce) and Shrimp & Grits (head-on gulf shrimp, andouille and smoked tomatoes served over cream cheese grits). The Pork belly was really, really good but the Shrimp & Grits were absolutely outstanding. Here’s a pic of em!shrimpngrits

Basically it’s N.O. bbq shrimp served over some the creamiest grits I’ve ever had! This dish might be on of the best things I’ve eaten in N.O. and that’s saying a lot since there are soooo many great eats there! If you visit New Orleans make your way to ATCHAFALAYA…your mouth will thank me!!!


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