Da Andrea Restaurant…Worthwhile local Italian joint!

January 25, 2016daandrea

So….Some friends and I decide to get together for dinner with these parameters: local, Italian, reasonably priced and good eats. One of our buddies suggests 1 of her fav local Italian joints, DA ANDREA located in the west village. Let me say this place is def a local joint; nothing fancy or outlandish but the service is competent and the food is solid! The price point on most of the dishes were quite reasonable!

A couple dishes that really stood out with me were the:

Pappardelle (Pappardelle, sweet sausage ragout, truffle oil)

Pappardelle (Pappardelle, sweet sausage ragout, truffle oil)


Animelle di Vitello (Veal sweetbreads, grilled polenta, braised leeks, lemon caper sauce)









DA ANDREA is definitely worth the visit! Good Italian food at a very likeable price;
Check it out!

35 west 13th Street
New York, NY
V, MC, AE, D


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