SOLELUNA…Awesome new Italian joint in Sunnyside!!!

July 31 by Chris Chu
So this new Italian joint opened up about 1-2 months ago on the north-side of Queens Blvd. & 40th St. named SOLELUNA.  Nice looking joint with a great menu to boot!

The place is family owned and the food is awesome!  Great selections at very reasonable prices with a very solid Italian wine selection.  For eats I had a Filet Mignon Carpaccio w/ Arugula & shaved Parmesan as an app and Fagottini Alla Valerio; fresh pasta “ravioli style” filled with pear and cheese in a butter and rosemery sauce.  The Carpaccio was nice but the Fagottini was to die for; probably one of the tastiest pastas I’ve had in a very long time!

Bottom line is go visit SOLELUNA if you’re in the mood for Italian food!  You won’t be disappointed!!!


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