FRACTURED PRUNE…Hope you like donuts!!!


May 28, 2015 by Chris Chu

prune2Those wonderful rings of flavorful fried goodness!!!  As bad as they are for you, people seem to love them and unfortunately so do I!!!  Recently I was in Delaware and I was directed towards a doughnut shop called the FRACTURED PRUNE.

This “chain” originated in Maryland and their claim to fame is freshly made to order doughnuts. They have a host of glazes and toppings that the customer can put on their doughnut!  

prune3They also have some specialty donuts that are made in case it’s too overwhelming to “design” your own! I had a blueberry glaze; it was deeeeeelish!! It wasn’t too “cakey” and had a nice blueberry flavor; the glaze was light and didn’t overwhelm the flavors of the doughnut! Definitely worth a try! 

They have a few locations across the US but are predominantly in Maryland; go to their website, see if they’re near you and go have a taste!  FRACTURED PRUNE…Good Stuff!


2 thoughts on “FRACTURED PRUNE…Hope you like donuts!!!

  1. Adding this to the list of things to visit on my next road trip… They are so beautiful… lol! Of course, my waistline will hate me. But so what?


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