IZAKAYA SEKI…Quite the gem in Washington D.C.

April 6, 2015 by Chris Chuizakayaseki

Izakaya: a type of informal Japanese drinking establishment that typically serves food to accompany the drinks; think gastropub.  I love the casualness of Izakayas as well as the outstanding dishes that are usually served at such establishments.  If you’re ever in Washington DC wander your way over to IZAKAYA SEKI!

They’re a tiny little place located off the beaten path near the U street Metro stop.  Everything here is solid but the 2 items that really stood out and will keep me coming back anytime I’m in DC was, Chicken Kara-age (Japanese fried chicken; thigh meat) and grilled beef tongue with a miso finish!  The Kara-age was perfectly fried and the beautiful flavors of the marinade that the chicken was prepped in, makes its presence known with each bite.  The grilled beef tongue was phenomenal; think pastrami and miso.  Both flavors complemented each other perfectly and let me add that the price point of the place falls under the “quite the bargain” category.

Check it out; I think you’ll be quite pleased!


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