SIRIO…another fine joint by Sirio Maccioni & family!

February 15, 2015 by Chris Chu

So Sunday night I had the pleasure of dining at a restaurant owned by one of the greatest restaurateurs in NYC, Sirio Maccioni.  Sirio and family are responsible for the world famous Le Cirque, Circo and Sirio in NYC, as well as a host of other restaurants around the world.

sirioIt is SIRIO (which opened around 2012) that I had the pleasure of dining at.  Let me begin by saying that the service was outstanding (as with the other 2 NY restaurants I’ve been to) and the food was equally as well!

I had gotten a 7 course Chef’s tasting menu “package” through Groupon which was over a 30% discount to the normal menu price, (let me say that if this deal is still available get it, since the tasting menu itself is worth the full cost but a 30% discount makes it that much better) and I am happy to say that the dishes were all fantastic.  The one dish though that will keep me coming back is the ANIMELLE (Crispy Sweetbreads, Creamy Polenta, Roasted Maitake Mushrooms, N’Duja Sauce).  This dish is fantastic; the flavors and textures truly complement each other to form a splendid dish that left me yearning for more!

Check out Sirio, it’s worth the visit!    Happy Eating!


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