ZOE RESTAURANT…a hidden gem in the LES!

Posted 12th May 2013 by Chris Chu

ZOEZoë restaurant…by Nikki C.

The husband and I don’t do a lot of discount meals such as Groupon, restaurant week, Travelzoo, etc. etc.  We’ve had one too many a waiter give you that cringe and then follow it up with mediocre service, which is not even talking about the food  But every now and then a deal pops up that sounds too good not to try.

So Saturday evening, Gilt deal in hand, we wander over to Zoë on Eldridge Street.   Neither of us had eaten lunch so we showed up at 6pm (really early for New Yorkers) and basically walked in as they were just opening up for the evening. The staff was really happy to see us; actually our waitress was quite chatty in the best possible way!  They had no problem with us using a four top even though we were just two, which always make the husband happy.

Dinner was a 4 course tasting menu, so it was just drinks to consider.  I tried the Tilda Swinton which was a fabulous take on a Piña-Colada; so fabulous I tried 2 more as we ate!  The meal itself for a tiny little place with no buzz was impressive.  The 1st dish was a really tasty Octopus appetizer that could have been my entrée.  2nd was an amazing crab cake, loaded with lump crab meat and no bread filling like you always dream of, in a quirky yet tasty mustard sauce.  For the main course, a seared pork steak with wilted upland cress and the softest baked potato I have ever had!

For many restaurants, dessert is a high calorie apology for a pedestrian meal.  Since obviously an apology was not needed, dessert instead became a celebration of flavor in the form of strawberry-rhubarb shortcake; real whipped cream (thick and just-sweet-enough perfection) smothering a house made biscuit topped with a strawberry-rhubarb compote.

Zoë herself is a NYC native, Hunter school Alum (like the husband) and was very happy to take time out of cooking us an excellent meal to head down memory lane with new friends. So at the end of the night we were happily full and ready to go back for more.

Brunch Anyone?

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