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TSKSorry its been awhile, we’ve been busy on weekends with various other commitments and I haven’t been able to write, but I’m back!  So recently we were up in Newport, RI celebrating our anniversary and went back to a place that we discovered last year.  The name of the joint is TSK (Thames Street Kitchen).  This place is fast becoming one of our favorite restaurants and we look forward to going every time we are in Newport.
TSK is a field to fork, chef-driven eatery, offering locally sourced cuisine in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  TSK is owned and operated by Chefs Chad Hoffer and Tyler Burnley, along with their wives Julia and Anna Jenkins.  Chad and Tyler met back in 2005 while working in the kitchen at BLT Prime in New York City.  They quickly became friends and later married the twin sisters. Fast forward several years and they have both settled in Newport (their wives’ hometown) and opened TSK early summer of 2011.
What makes TSK quite special besides the awesome eats, is the relaxed local town vibe and casualness of the joint.  When you dine there you can’t help notice how everyone seems to know each other which is kind of nice because it ends of creating this awesome social dining atmosphere.  The place is BYOB which I like because you get to bring what you really want; it affords the patrons to bring something fantastic from their own personal stock which obviously makes it a no brainer when thinking about wine & beer to accompany a fantastic meal!
Let’s talk about what ultimately is important here though, the eats!  There menu is actually simple in design; usually 4 or 5 choices for appetizers and the same amount for entrees.  For our anniversary we had an amazing dinner (pork belly & pork chili app, pork loin & NY strip entree) that really would give any high end restaurant in NY a run for the money, but the one dish that really really took my breath away was a side dish I ordered, that was actually a component of an entree…BRANDADE!  In very simplistic terms a brandade is salt cod mashed potatoes, but by no means was this a simplistic dish!  The creaminess of the potatoes combined with the subtle saltiness of the cod and the sweetness of roasted garlic all combined to provide a dish that absolutely WOWED my taste buds!  I also appreciated that the cod was actually in small chunks, which led to a real nice texture (consistency) of the dish; it really had a nice “mouth feel” to it!  This dish was absolutely awesome and I hope they have it again, the next time we visit.  Again don’t get me wrong, the appetizers and entrees were amazing and it really is hard to truly convey the deliciousness of everything in writing, but the brandade really left me quite speechless!
All I can say is go to Newport, RI…go to TSK…check out other restaurants int the area and enjoy an awesome culinary weekend!

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