SUSHI NAKAZAWA – Jiro Ono’s apprentice shows his chops!

Posted 29th March 2014 by Chris Chu

SUSHINAKAZAWASo earlier this month I went with a buddy to a relatively new sushi joint, SUSHI NAKAZAWA which is helmed by sushi chef Daisuke Nakazawa.

Daisuke had apprenticed for over a decade under Jiro Ono (considered the greatest sushi master in the world) in Tokyo and his creations pretty much showcase his years of training.

The restaurant itself has that aesthetic hipness to it and the staff are topnotch; from the wine/sake sommelier down to the food runner/busser.  All this definitely sets the tone for what hopefully turns out to be an ethereal sushi experience.

The meal itself is set up omakase style.  20 courses (pieces) of fresh sushi served 2-3 on a plate and each plate coming out 1 at a time.  I have to say the timing was spot on!  I never felt rushed as we grazed at our own pace, but yet we never had to really wait for the next presentation!

The table setup is fairly simplistic and you are provided
with only the necessary tools for sushi enjoyment… chopsticks, finger towel and ginger!  Don’t need a little jar of soy sauce nor a little plate of wasabi; everything has been seasoned to perfection.

With that said, lets talk about the eats…the fish was fresh, the presentation was simplistic yet appealing and the taste of everything was fairly harmonious; the slices of fish mated to perfectly “vinegar-ed” sushi rice with just the right amount of seasoning to finish it.

We had salmon, scallop, clam, bass, mackerel, herring, prawn, shrimp, bonito, yellow-tail, blue-fin tuna, fatty blue-fin tuna, uni, tobiko, eel and lastly tamago. It was all very interesting since it wasn’t all just simply raw fish on rice.  Some were slightly seared, some were fully cooked and some were even smoked with hay!

Surprisingly enough…the omakase came out to $150 per person which is actually quite a bargain considering the quality of the fish and the skill in preparation.

Sushi Nakazawa is definitely worth a visit especially at this price point!


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