MUNCHIE MOBILE…It’s what’s for lunch!

Posted 23rd June 2013 by Chris Chu

MUNCHIE1WHAT’S FOR LUNCH?!?!?!  The age old question that every NYC office worker seems to ask themselves right around that magical hour of noon.  So in my never ending quest for a lunch that’s quick, reasonably priced and amazingly delicious, my coworker Dave and I decide to try MUNCHIE MOBILE (MM).Now a very special thanks to NY Street Food for running an awesome site that tells you daily, where the food trucks are located.  On this particular day the truck is only 3 blocks from my office, so Dave decides to take the walk.  The first thing you notice about MM is the truck is very purple, with a painting of a mouth on the sides of the truck.  The menu is posted on the side and it looks a little something like this…

Since I’m starving I figure I better order something of substance that will hopefully fill me up, since how big can a burger from a street truck really be?  I order a Fat Kitty which is a burger topped with bacon, mozzarella sticks, French fries, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.  I figure for ten bucks this should be adequate enough to fill me up.

Dave returns to the office (sack of food in hand) and hands me a softball sized item wrapped up in tinfoil which interestingly enough seems to weigh about a pound.  I open the foil and am greeted with a burger that looks like its bursting at the seams, the bun barely able to contain all that goodness.  I cut the burger in half and proceed to take the inaugural bite; OMG…I’m in burger heaven!

The burger was incredibly juicy, beautifully seasoned and had a very nice “beefy” flavor.  The multitude of toppings were actually the right amount since they didn’t take away from the beefiness, but rather complemented it very well; nice depth of flavors!  The burger was definitely a good deal considering I actually couldn’t finish the whole thing, and definitely worth the ten bucks!

If the Munchie Mobile is ever in your area during lunch and you want a change of pace from the typical deli, pizzeria or fast food routine…give it a shot, you’ll be quite happy you did!!!

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