ALDEA…Amazing nouveau Portuguese food!

Posted 27th May 2013 by Chris Chu

ALDEAALDEA Restaurant…by Nikki C.

I tiled my bathroom with glass flats to make a waterfall. No actual water, it is art.  When you walk into ALDEA they have painted a blue curtain of sorts along the long wall passing the bar, a simple paint job, but it is art.  I had to touch it, because I am just that way; it so transforms the space from narrow to inviting.

We sat at a chef’s table which means you have a view of the kitchen.  The kitchen seems to be not bigger than my own, but the results were much better.  My first experience with Bacalao was our Portuguese friend Clara’s grandmother came and cooked a dish I have been waiting 8 years to try again.  I will get to Portugal one day to get the recipe.  With that aside, I try Bacalao whenever I see it on a menu hoping for that bliss.  Can I just say Croquetas De Bacalhau and Knoll Krest Farm Egg may have saved me a plane ticket.

Our friend Rebecca ordered the asparagus soup and next time she’ll have to arm-wrestle me for it.  I almost switched plates while she was pouring the wine.  Although admittedly, I was not about to give up my dish either.

We ate well and were so happy we decided to move to the bar for just one more.  The husband, Becky and the bartender bonded over drinks so I had to force them to leave, yet I have every intention of going back just for the croquetas, the asparagus soup and a well prepared cocktail while sitting at the bar.

Jantar Alguém?


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