THE BOON FLY CAFE…Good call Mike, I owe you one!

Posted 12th August 2012 by Chris Chu

BOONFLYSo…one year we take a trip out West to visit Napa Valley and San Francisco; one of those trips to celebrate an anniversary or birthday or what have you.  I mentioned this trip to a buddy of mine and he says to me that I must make it a point to stop by THE BOON FLY CAFE.

“The place is quaint, the food is awesome and I think you would enjoy it”.  I end up booking a reservation for a Tuesday morning due to availability issues (I was hoping for a Sunday brunch but it seemed like that reservation needed to be booked much earlier in advance but no worries).

All I can say is Thanks Mike!  Good call on the breakfast spot!  The Boon Fly Café is actually situated on the property of The Carneros Inn (a Plumpjack resort) which in itself seemed like a very luxurious relaxing resort.  The Boon Fly itself is a fairly small establishment located in what seemed to be a a cute farmhouse.  Upon entering I was immediately impressed with the overall look and design of the place.  I would say it seemed to me like it was a mix between minimalist and rustic design cues; it really had a nice comforting feel!

Since pictures “speak a thousand words” I have included one to the right that should give you an idea of the joint and also because I’m lazy and I don’t think I have a thousand words in my vocabulary!

Moving right along, we are seated, menus are presented and coffee is poured; nice service so far.  We end up ordering the griddle cakes for my wife, daily special omelet for me (thinking the filling for the omelet was cheese and mixed herb), a side of bacon, side of chicken apple sausage and a dozen donuts (which did turn out to make a fine all day snack; nothing makes the day go by like fresh homemade donuts).

Everything showed up nice and hot and fresh.  The food was amazing!  The omelet was light and fluffy and the flavor of the herbs really stood out.  The griddle cakes were also nicely prepared.  They were fairly light, not overly dense and served with maple syrup and sweet butter which was really just a winning combination.  The side of apple wood smoked bacon was pretty nice, though admittedly sliced a little thinner than I like, but I don’t know too many people that like very thick cut bacon for breakfast.  The chicken apple sausage was okay, not my favorite but that’s more to do with my mental association of pork, not chicken with sausage.

All in I would have to say I really really enjoyed breakfast here!  Even though the place was fairly crowded we never felt rushed.  It really was a pleasure to leisurely go through breakfast at our own pace where we actually got to savor everything we ordered.  What a fantastic experience!  If you ever find yourself visiting Napa, you absolutely have to make time to stop here and grab a bite.  Well worth the trip but just make sure you call ahead…They really do get busy!


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