THE BEDFORD POST INN…What to say about a place owned by Richard Gere!

BEDFORDPOSTINNPosted 1st July 2012 by Chris Chu

We were in New Rochelle for a wedding on Memorial Day weekend.  Sunday morning before heading back to NYC, the Mrs. and I were “jonesing” for a tasty little brunch.  Hmmm…Where to go?  “I know a little place in Bedford, New York” and so off we went to the Bedford Post Inn.

Let me say that the place is absolutely quaint!  We entered THE BARN at THE BEDFORD POST INN and were pleasantly surprised with that comforting smell of warm baked goods and the visual quaintness of the interior.  We chose to sit outside in this cute patio that they had and enjoy the pleasant morning while we brunched.

THIS IS WHERE EVERYTHING CHANGED…My wife orders the Dutch pancakes with a side of chicken sausage, I order the BPI Burger with a side of Applewood smoked bacon.  We also order some orange juice, some coffees and a big bottle of water.  Everything seems in order; we do what most people do while brunching; browse through the New York Times.  The coffees are actually very very good, the OJ is freshly squeezed and quite tasty and the water is cool and refreshing.  I’m so excited and can’t wait for food; it’s going to be awesome!

“Hey! That table that came in after us is almost done eating.  Weird…I wonder what they ordered that was so quick.  Oh well, our food will probably be here soon.”  “Hey Nikki, that other table that came in after us is also done.  They also looked like they had a burger and eggs.  How long have we been sitting here?”  So I look at my watch and come to realize, we have been here 45 min. and all we have had were coffees, OJ and a bottle water.  I then realize we also haven’t seen a bread basket or anything else for that matter.

So…I make the “GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW” face and our waiter asks how everything was and if he can get us anything else besides the check.  I tell him “some food would be nice, how about what we ordered since it has been 45 min. and the other two tables that came after us are done.”  He was shocked and couldn’t believe we had not eaten.  He ran back to the kitchen to see what happened, and informed us that the computer had dumped our order.  The kitchen was making our dishes right now.  Another waiter came up and also apologized profusely and offered us mimosas, which was a nice touch but doesn’t make up for the fact that someone HADN’T checked on us in 45 min.

Mimosas came, more coffee came, more water came, a Diet Coke came and oh yes, our food finally came!  The food was really quite good!  Was it worth almost an hour wait?  Not really considering it was brunch food.  After having finished eating, the waiter cleared the plates and apologized profusely again.  He brought the check over and I have to say, the restaurant did the right thing without me having to ask.  They took off all the drinks from the bill and I think they didn’t charge us for the sides.  I really appreciate good customer service and I love the fact that an establishment will recognize they screwed up something and make amends to the customer without them having to ask.

That gesture definitely changed my general opinion of the joint and I would definitely give it another try; maybe even dinner…Will keep ya posted!


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