SUGAR FREAK (What Rick James would name a restaurant?!)

4baf2-sugarfreakPosted 10th December 2011 by

So….Last Saturday night the Mrs. and I decide to venture over to a joint in Astoria, that my buddy said was pretty good when he went for brunch.  Upon arriving at the address of the place, one immediately can’t help but wonder if the restaurant was transplanted from the French Quarter in New Orleans.  You immediately notice the distinct iron scroll-work that is synonymous with so many buildings in the French Quarter, adorning the entrance to the restaurant SUGAR FREAK!

We enter and immediately I’m thinking…this could be a fun place, let’s see how this goes.  The place has a very casual vibe to it and its decor reflects that casual Cajun style.  Sat down and was immediately approached by our waitress (Holly I think her name was).  Enough boring chit chat though….let’s get to the heart of why anyone goes out to restaurants…Da’ Eats & Drinks!

The menu is pretty diverse; just a whole lotta’ Louisiana goodness going on!  You have Jambalaya, Gumbo, Crawfish Etouffee and a whole bunch of different fried items as well as other favorites.  Also on the menu though are items such as Boudin Balls, Deviled Eggs, Charbroiled Oysters and 2 of my favorite items that I never see up north…Muffelettas (a GIANT round Italian sub) & Po’ Boys (another type of sub)!

Being that I lose all sensibility when trying a new place, we ordered about 9 different food items!  Did I mention that Pumpkin martinis and Bananas Foster martinis do a fantastic job of washing everything down?!?!  Below is the food items and my opinion.

  1. Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo:  Very tasty!  Nice dark sauce (roux) and plenty of meat.
  2. Boudin Balls:  2 types; Cajun pork sausage was really nice! Go pork!   Crawfish was not so good.  A little fishy.
  3. Charbroiled Oysters:  These were really really nice.  Broiled oysters basically swimming in a beurre blanc sauce!
  4. Buttermilk fried Chicken:  A leg & a thigh…Fried nicely; not greasy and the meat was soooo tender & juicy!
  5. Collard greens w/ smoked ham hocks:  The greens had a nice pork flavor with bits of ham.  The dish could’ve definitely benefitted from bigger pieces of ham!
  6. Mac & Cheese:  Crazy creamy!  pretty nice!
  7. French Fries:  At this point the martinis kicked in…If I remember the fries were the shoestring kind and were cooked nice & crispy.
  8. Abita Beer BBQ Shrimp:  Im pretty well lit by the time this came.  If memory serves me right it was ok..the flavors didnt wow me!

Well!!!  After my fine display of gastronomic gluttony, I can say Sugarfreak is definitely a worthwhile joint to visit.  Being that NYC never seems to have a good Cajun, Creole, Louisiana style restaurant…Sugarfreak seems to be on their way to hitting the mark.  I hope they dont end up quietly fading away like Jacque-Imo’s which was the last decent Louisiana joint in NYC.

Hope you find this helpful and I truly hope you go check out this new place.  They are worthy of the trip.


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