NOM WAH TEA PARLOR – Old School Dim-Sum in New York City!

Posted 29th November 2011 by
So…Lately I’ve been taking friends to an old school dim sum joint located in Chinatown on a street I used to call “gangster alley”.  The place of heavenly edible delights that I’m referring to is NOM WAH TEA PARLOR. 

Nom Wah opened in the early ’20s as a tea parlor and bakery.  It has been a neighborhood joint for over 80 years serving delicious tea, chinese pastries, dim sum and various other tasty snacks!  The restaurant has managed to stay “in the family” and is currently being run by the second owner’s nephew, Wally.

Now…besides the serious old-school kitsch factor (we’re talking red leatherette booths and uneven tile floors) mixed with a smattering of contemporary styling, Nom Wah truly has some of the best dim sum in NYC!

The menu consists of such classics as the “original egg roll”, bean curd skin roll, har gow, siu mai and a host of other dim sum staples.  The real beauty lies in the fact that the menu consists of around 50 items and they’re made fresh!  No more old ladies pushing around the steam carts with dim sum thats been sitting around for hours!

Can you get better dim sum elsewhere (say Flushing or Brooklyn?), absolutely!  BUT…can you get dim sum served in an establishment that just screams character?  I doubt it!

Nom Wah Tea Parlor is definitely worth a trip if you want to get an idea of what a classic dim sum joint was like and how tasty classic dim sum was!


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