LA FLOR…What can I say, my buddy throws down good eats!

LAFLORPosted 27th August 2012 by Chris Chu

Surprisingly I have waited this long to write about my friend Viko’s restaurant, LA FLOR which is kind of a shocker to me since the man puts out some awesome eats in a local neighborhood joint.  La Flor is located in Woodside, Queens on 53rd St. and Roosevelt Ave, right under the elevated tracks of the 7 train!

I love this joint!  La Flor is open 7 days a week and Chef Viko makes everything!  Initially Viko started out his culinary career as a baker and as a result of that, he has an awesome selection of desserts that range from fruit tarts to various types of cakes to even mousses & flans!  But the goodness doesn’t just stop there!  His appetizers and entrees are what he calls Mexican fusion as they all contain an influence of his Mexican heritage.  Sure there are dishes on the menu such as flautas, tacos, quesadillas etc. etc. (which BTW are pretty awesome tasting!), but there are also great dishes such BBQ baby back ribs that are dripping in a fiery chipotle sauce served with a side of “Mexican” slaw or a really fantastic crab cake appetizer served over roasted corn salad with a chipotle aioli or even something as simple as spaghetti with shrimp & seasonal vegetables tossed in a garlic sauce!  This is not even counting the various types of personal pizzas, or salads or sandwiches that he also has on his menu; it’s not one of those gigantic diner type menus where everything under the sun is on it, but rather a menu that has a reasonable sampling of different types of eats that fit all sorts of budgets.  His daily specials are where he truly showcases his talent.  He’ll go to the greenmarket, pick out very seasonal items and create dishes around it!  Case in point…had an awesome Heirloom Tomato & watermelon salad (a daily special) the other night!  Let’s just say the sweetness of the melon and the savory of the tomato combined with micro greens, basil and some other awesome herbs had us crying for more; such awesome flavor!!!

Now all this culinary goodness alone makes the place worth visiting, but what really makes you want to keep returning, is the general vibe you get when coming here.  Viko personally walks around the tables and checks up on customers (when the restaurant is not getting crushed and the line is out the door) making sure everything is OK.  The employees that work there are “related” to Viko somehow so a lot of customers get this warm fuzzy feeling of coming to a “family run” joint.  If you happen to become a regular customer (be it as little as once a month let’s say) you really get to appreciate the place even more since all of a sudden you might feel that you yourself are now part of this family.  It’s really an awesome joint and I don’t think I can do it justice enough by writing about it!

Go visit the place!  It’s also open for brunch on Saturday & Sunday if you looking for something different on the weekends.  The point is go there, tell Viko that I (Chris the chino) sent you and just enjoy a great meal and watch the world go by…

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