Posted 4th September 2011 by
So a few weeks ago I wandered into a very plain looking establishment that had wafts of delicious smoky goodness permeating the very small “dining room”.  Directly in front of me was an open glass display case that had some beautiful examples of smoky pork goodness.

So….let’s get to the meat & potatoes of why you need to visit….Smoky BBQ in the Kansas City style!  Don’t get me wrong; not everything was perfect, but on the whole…a worthy visit.

The pit-master (Josh Bowen) comes to Astoria after having worked his magic over @ one of my favorite joints, Hill Country Market.  Here @John Brown he works his craft and puts a beautiful dry-rub on some different cuts.The ribs are decent and the brisket wasn’t too bad. A little dry in some spots, but overall nice.  Burnt ends weren’t as juicy as I expected, but still quite tasty! (A fantastic dry rub!)  Surprisingly, my two favorite items I had were the pork belly & the lamb sausage! Pork belly was decadence; nice crispy outside and beautiful velvety fat inside.  Add smoke and a rub and u have pure heaven.  The lamb sausage was also fantastic!  The smoke imparts a wonderful flavor to the already wonderfully seasoned ground lamb stuffed inside a sausage casing.As time goes on, I’m sure Josh’s craft will be perfected and every product he puts out will be amazing!  Good Luck Josh and keep up the good work!

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