ELIAS’ CORNER – Great no frills Greek seafood!!

Posted 24th April 2012 by
So last week on a thirsty Thursday, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a fantastic Greek seafood joint way out in Astoria.  The joint is ELIAS CORNER!  What a fantastic place!  Soooo glad my buddies introduced us to it!!!
When you first walk up to the entrance, the first thing you notice is what a plain looking place; really uneventful!  You walk in and you’re immediately greeted by a long display case full of different types of seafoods and meats; it brought a tear to my eye!
After being seated, I couldn’t help notice that the inside decor was as uninspiring and boring as the outside but….that’s where boring ends!  The place allows BYOB by the way so do what we did; bring a few fish friendly bottles of vino!! 

We had a simple mixed salad, some grilled octopus, sausage and glorious fish!  There was some fried whiting, a grilled snapper I think and possible a grilled bass also?  It gets a little hazy cause of the vino involved, but the one thing that stuck out in my mind is taste!!  All the grilled items had that beautiful hint of char when something fresh is cooked properly over an open fire, and they were all dressed beautifully with a little lemon, olive oil and herbs.  The fried whiting was equally as delicious!

If you find yourself way out in Astoria and your “jonesing” for some good fish at a decent price, check this place out!!!  As with any meal (in my opinion) company is half the battle, so drag some friends wit you and enjoy!  OPA!


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