BLT BAR & GRILL…nice addition downtown

Posted 6th August 2012 by
Let me begin by saying…I truly enjoy W hotels (part of the Starwood Group) and I love that they brought the “trendy, hip & chic” boutique hotel “feel” to the masses!  They have been doing great things in the hotel industry for over a decade and I’m glad to see they are now downtown.  Now HOW DOES THIS TIE-IN WITH BLT, you ask?  Well with the “cool” hotel one needs a cool hotel restaurant; Enter BLT BAR & GRILL!  BLTBARGRILL

The restaurant is a fairly large split level establishment with a large “rectangular-ish” bar on the first floor with tables surrounding the outer areas.  The 2nd floor has more seating for dinner and I think it has some private rooms for larger parties (can’t say firsthand, but more about that later).  The place gets its “coolness” from the trendy, hip spin it put on pub decor, which in turn fits in perfectly with the “cool but casual” concept of a W Hotel restaurant/bar.

So BLT (Bistro Laurent Tourondel) has actually nothing to do with the chef by the same name, but rather the “company” has the right to use his name (long story; lets just say 2 partners didn’t agree and one ended up with keeping the “BLT” name).  Nonetheless…the place does a pretty reasonable job of living up to the Laurent Torondel name and the quality it represents.Now…I’ve never actually made it upstairs to the main dining room for a meal, simply because I love eating at the bar!  I love interacting with the bartender, I love how it’s easier and quicker to order food and drink at the bar and I love the general buzz and vibrancy of people socializing at the bar.  Some of the dishes I have enjoyed eating at the bar were fried calamari, the burger, fries with cilantro mayo and the cube of tuna tartare! (Just order it, it is awesome!)

There are a couple of other items that have been ordered, but I cant exactly remember how impressed or unimpressed I was (guessing 1 too many drinks!) but overall, everything was pretty decent!  The prices seemed reasonable but keep in mind when you move to a regular dinner menu, the price do noticeably increase.  Check out the place for lunch or after work; should be a better value than dinner time, either way…

BLT Bar & Grill is totally worth the visit!


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