BENJAMIN restaurant and bar…Thank you Groupon!

BENJAMINPosted 8th July 2012 by Chris Chu

So being that I am a fan of Groupon, Living Social, Bloomspot and a host of other discount companies, I came across this restaurant that under normal circumstances I would not have even thought about!  Groupon was offering a coupon for:  BENJAMIN RESTAURANT & BAR.

For $29 you get one salad, one app, two entrées and one dessert.  According to Groupon this was a 59% discount to the regular cost on the menu.  For $29 how bad could it be?  So I grabbed the wife and away we went!

The Benjamin is located in Murray Hill on Second Avenue near 33rd St.  Here is an area that I kind of consider no man’s land.  Aside from The Water Club, I don’t really know too many restaurants that stand out in this area.  Luckily for Benjamin, Groupon has opened my eyes!  The restaurant is split into two spaces, left room is the main dining area while the right room is the bar area with some dining tables.  In my mind it’s your average looking local bar which happens to have a restaurant attached to it, which is not a bad thing.

We sat at a table in the bar area.  Our waitress quickly greeted us, gave us menus, poured us water and took our drink orders.  We browsed the menu and knew what we wanted by the time the waitress returned with our drinks.  We ordered one roasted tomato and garlic soup (they had no problem substituting items as long as the price wasn’t more than what was printed on the Groupon voucher), one fried calamari app, one penne à la vodka entrée, one grilled pork chop with apple cranberry relish entrée and unfortunately I forgot what we had for dessert.

Believe it or not everything was solid!  The food was plentiful, tasty and nicely presented.  For $29 it was an absolute steal but more importantly, I now have a place to go to when I’m in the Murray Hill area and need a place that’s reasonably priced for dinner.  The menu had over 50 items on it but only three or four items were priced over $20, and since the portions were fairly large for what we ordered we easily had left overs.  Not including the drinks, our bill would’ve been regularly $55.25.  Just a place to keep in mind if you’re ever hungry for dinner in the Murray Hill area.


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