BEACON restaurant and bar…Waldy Malouf is still firing it up!

BEACONPosted 29th July 2012 by Chris Chu

BEACON restaurant and bar; around since the late 90s and captained by Chef Waldy Malouf, is truly a solid restaurant located in Midtown on 56 Street between fifth and sixth Avenue.  Chef Waldy has been in the New York restaurant scene for quite some time (since the early 80s) and has continually put out good eats.  The first restaurant he opened was back in the early 90s and was named the Hudson River club.  It was located in World Finance Center and I vaguely remember it being a giant cavernous restaurant that served off the beaten path eats.  In 1999 Waldy opened up Beacon.

Beacon is all about open fire cooking.  Most of his dishes on the menu are either wood oven roasted or grilled over an open wood fire; as long as wood is involved…life is good.  Anyways after having gone a multitude of times, there are a few things that I can say wholeheartedly stand out, and keep me coming back for more.  First of all let me begin by saying that and upon entry to the restaurant one notices the space is quite cavernous but nicely as to be fairly well laid out.  The interesting thing is the bar is not as large as one would expect considering how big the rest of the restaurant is.  Being that I’m a fan of bars I would suggest sitting at the bar and having dinner and drinks there; it’s much more social and you get to socialize with the bartender.

So assuming that you’ve comfortably seated yourself at the bar, go ahead and order some vino, some bubbly or whatever libation tickles your fancy.  Now if you are in just a light dinner kind of mood the two items I would definitely order are the wood roasted oysters and the wild mushroom and red onion pizza.  The oysters are absolutely amazing; the slight smokiness from the wood roasting oven combined with the shallots and verjus works so well that I just have the hardest time eating just a reasonable amount, and I’m not a big fan of oysters.  The pizza is quite lovely also; super thin crust topped with slices of wild mushrooms and red onion, a fantastic red sauce and slivers of fresh basil… Amazing!

If you want something a little more substance than I would suggest for entrées either the grilled flat iron steak, the porterhouse steak for two or the maple brined pork chop.  There are seafood items on the menu also but unfortunately since I have not tried any of them I do not have an opinion to share with you.  I also suggest you try the sides; personally I’m a fan of the roasted fingerling potatoes, garlic fries and the roasted wild mushrooms but I’ve heard great things about the grilled shishito peppers!  Everything is good and the prices are fairly reasonable considering the restaurant located in the heart of Midtown.  Give it a try…I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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